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 Enterprise Culture
Focus on the continuous innovation of nonwoven technology and products,Serve customers, benefit staffs, contribute to the society.
Change life from love, beautify the environment because of heart, build Ruiguang into a modern, international and professional nonwoven enterprise.
Enterprise spirit: mutual benefit, integrity, innovation, dedication
Mutual benefit:Our aim is to achieve Mutual benefit among the employees, enterprises and customers. Ruiguang's career is common career of all Ruiguang staffs, every achievement of Ruiguang embodies the painstaking efforts and sweat of every staff. The reason of Ruiguang could continue to develop is that our employees teams are able to fight and could win the battle, rely on the cohesion and centripetal force of employees, and rely on the spirit of " sharing the glory and loss together " between employees and the enterprise. The enterprise could continue to develop stably only every employee can work with the enterprise with the idea of  " share the same breath and destiny" .
Integrity:“Small businesses do things, large enterprises behave”. If a person or an enterprise wants to gain a foothold in society, integrity is the foundation of being a person and establishing an enterprise. Through integrity and integrity management, we have won the recognition of customers, having a group of "loyal" customers who have supported us for more than tens of years. We have been recognized by the society, and have been rated as a contract-honoring, trustworthy enterprise, bank credit A, Class-A enterprises for tax-paying enterprises. We firmly believe that only by operating with integrity can enterprises achieve sustainable development and build a "100-year Ruiguang"!
Innovation: The only constant in the world is change. Only when the speed of innovation of enterprises is greater than the speed of market changes can they survive and develop! We must innovate in management, continue to explore and improve management methods suitable for the development of Ruiguang. We must innovate in technology to achieve "New to have, to upgrade, and to turn" to realize the simultaneous cultivation and expansion of international and domestic markets.
Dedication: When the company has urgent, difficult, dangerous, and serious problems, our employees can be anxious to the urgency of the company, step forward at any cost, regardless of personal gains and losses, rely on everyone's efforts, and overcome various difficulties and Crisis with the company. Then, business development will be more stable, our family will be more healthy!
Work style: Do the job well once at the first timing
The market competition intensified increasingly along with the rapid development of the society. Lacking insight and neglecting problems will result in the problems getting worse and serious consequences, both staff and enterprises will suffer great losses. Therefore, everyone must find the problems "at the first timing" and solve at once from the root to enjoy work.
Business philosophy: Serve customers, benefit staffs, contribute to the society
The purpose of the enterprise is the fundamental goal of the enterprise. An enterprise is an economic entity. To achieve sustainable profitability, it must "win-win" with its customers. It must be realized that only when customers develop and grow, we can develop and grow simultaneously as a supplier. The market can expand accordingly. Therefore, to provide customers with stable product quality and to serve customers with a long-lasting and reliable corporate reputation is a guarantee for the interests of customers and our own interests.